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Our Cookie Riot Mission:

Having late night sugar cravings but don’t want to leave your house? Want to make something sweet, but are too tired to have to make it yourself? Here at Cookie Riot we have the perfect solution for you! We specialize in fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies delivered warm right to your door with quart of milk. We are currently serving the Boise State University Campus and surrounding Boise city areas.

Life can get hectic sometimes and cookie delivery is a great way to get a treat! We are devoted to providing quality products that allow our customers to take time for themselves and enjoy the simple things in life.

Why Cookies?

There are many varieties of comfort food that are readily available, but we felt there was something missing from the mainstream options. You can easily find hundreds of different kinds of cookies, but few have that fresh baked out the oven feel. There is nothing like biting into a warm cookie and we want to bring that experience to our customers.

Many other bistros or bakeries chose to operate in morning hours, leaving evening or late-night customers without options. There has been a shift in our culture that caters to the late night crowd, but the baked goods industry has essentially left this market untouched. We chose our hours of operation because we wanted to tap into that market and show everyone just how good it can be.

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